djFlippy drops deep sexy grooves and psychedelic soundscapes, while a barrage of samples seep into your mind and turn it inside out. djFlippy has played across the US- rocking clubs with Breakz, House/UKGarage, UK HappyHardcore, and Breakcore, since '97 but his heart is deep rooted in downtempo. djFlippy finds his home with like-minded hardcore chillers with the Manifest crew at Ambient Camping! -

djFlippy's Latest Chill Mixes

Enemy Shot - djFlippy's Psy-Terestrial Trip Hop Album including a track with Omcreator aka Digisplat of Vortex In Bloom

Video Set from AC34

Kite Powered Energy @ Ambient Camping

djFlippy History

Flippy has been an integral part of Austin nightlife since 1996. As a resident at Austin ’s infamous Area 52 nightclub, Flippy exploded onto the underground scene. Following his year long residency, Flipppy moved to the rave scene, where he has been moving crowds across the U.S. ever since.

Flippy’s unique blend of musical interests makes him one of the most innovative and creative DJs around. Flippy is notorious for rocking houses with Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat, and anything else that makes butts shake. The combination of music Flippy plays allows him to keep crowds moving all night long, and is one of the South West’s most demanded Hardcore DJs.

Flippy has been a part of many crews in the past few years and is one of the founding members of 3Kings. As a founding member of Texas ’s own, 3Kings Crew, Flippy and his cohorts Noahphex a.k.a. Muppetfucker, and PhatJ are the only all hardcore crew in the South.

When Flippy’s not pushing the hardcore vibe on dance floors throughout the U.S. he helps other crews around the U.S. to get the hardcore sound out and promote togetherness, friendship, and love for music.
As a producer, flippy has signed with Rave n Beats Records, and has started promoting his own record labels, 3Kings Recordings and Silky Sensations. His signature style of bootie shakin’ Hardcore tracks combine the phattest elements of Hardcore, DnB, Breakz, NRG, and a twist of his own creative ingenuity. This approach to Hardcore revolutionizes the sound that we currently know as Hardcore into something new and different.

Aside from his hardcore production, Flippy can also be found in his studio “Silky Sensations” studio with friends creating a variety of different styles of music, from DnB to Hip Hop as well as crazy tripped out Ambient and Downtempo. Flippy is on the rise, and looking at a successful future in the underground music scene.

Flippy’s knowledge of the U.S. Hardcore scene and industry extends overseas to the UK , as he works closely with other U.S. Hardcore DJs to create the U.S. Hardcore scene report for Next Generation Records. Flippy’s hardcore report on the U.K. website proves his dedication and knowledge of the scene, and considers it a great honor to work closely with talented DJs from all over the world.

As the South’s leading Hardcore DJ, Flippy has played with some of the biggest names in the business. Delighted ravers and clubbers across the U.S. have caught Flippy behind the decks with acts such as: Bad Company, Kosheen, Dylan & Loxy, George Acosta, Juan Atkins, Superstar DJ Keoki, dj Icey, Tiesto, Bassbin Twins, AK1200, Jesse Saunders, Danny the Wildchild, Spacemen, Dieselboy, Rabbit in the Moon, Z-Trip, Micro, Simply Jeff, Dara, and An-I, just to name a few of his favorites.


djFlippy aka Seizure Suit Future bass meets UK Hardcore / Happy Hardcore! ;

djFlippy aka Seizure Suit Future Trap Remix of 2 Bad Mice's Warehouse Rave Classic "Bombscare"

djFlippy vs Dead P.A. DNB Remix Cover of Depeche Mode's Strangelove


djFlippy's "Love Is" with Katie Rose REMIXES (2007) Infinity Recordings (Spotify)

djFlippy's Original Hardcore, Breakbeat and DNB Tracks