Le VitaKiss

Whats in the name?

What's in the name?...Pronounced "Leviticus" as understood in the bible. "Leviticus" holds the key to many homophobic tendencies. Our name Le VitaKiss is a sarcastic play on words. Le VitaKiss, should be loosely translated as the "celebration of life's kiss." Le Vita Kiss are advocates for the androgynous, transgender, non-binary, drag, non-conformist, hetero-flexible, BDSM, alternative and queer subculture.

Mackeroney Con Kayso and Johnny Daerktronik are the duo known as Le VitaKiss. Anti-glam cyborganic alien sex gods from the planet Glamtron. They were banished from the planet for not being pretty enough. Here on earth, they are surprisingly accepted for their freakish looks, their ecclectic DJ and production style, and their queerotic performace art. The daring duet are influenced by many syles including Techno, House, Futurewave, Darkwave, Punk, Electro, Space Disco and Future R&B.