OneLove aka Johnny Daerk‡ronik of Le Vitakiss

OneLove has multiple alternate personalities including Johnny Daerk‡ronik one-half of Le VitaKiss, the anit-glam alien sex fiend DJ/Producer/Performance Artists from the planet Glamtron we were kicked off our planet for not being pretty enough.  Also one-half of Junlge/Bass Music duo Kaotic Love Of Oneness - KLOO with Kaos The Spacecadet.

As OneLove, Johnny has sown his musical roots in UK Garage, Jungle, early 90's UK Hardcore Breakbeat and the many sounds that have evolved forth from it.

Currently Johnny works with night clubs and production companies in Texas including Just Don't Stop (JDS), Area 512 EntertainmentWax Club Lounge and Ambient Camping, not only as a DJ but also as a Graphic Designer/Art Director and promoter.

Johnny has begun a series of his own events he calls Daerk‡ronik LIVE which were based off a series of his own mixes simply called Daerk‡ronik. The mixes feauture a blend of Darkwave, Minimalwave, Futurewave, Industrial, Dark Electro & Techno as well as what he calls Ritual Trance. The sixth and final Daerk‡ronik mix is to be released on Halloween 2017. The Daerk‡ronik LIVE events also planned to be wrapped up within six editions may be followed by six larger events featuring some of Texas' best DJ's who play the same genres as well as one featured band each event. It's safe to say that after the completion of the six mixes, the six club events and the sixth "Daerkraev" the apocalypse will be in full swing,

Keep in mind this is all in the name of art.

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On the complete opposite end of the spectrum of Daerk‡ronik, OneLove spreads the message of unity within humanity in hopes that we are able to raise our awareness and forego the apocalypse all together.

So there you have it. The balance of Daerk & Light.