RUMBLEMONSTA has it's roots leading back to the early 2000's, when two particularly sexy DJs hooked up (as DJs do), and noticed that Austin was suspiciously lacking in high quality, booty shakin, sweaty dancefloor, nudity inducing tribal house.  Initially playing vinyl as Blanche & Tommy, the duo took a short ten year hiatus from DJing to get some health affairs in order.  In 2015 at Ambient Camping 45, they gave birth to a long conceptualized hybrid DJ / Live PA set, and the RUMBLEMONSTA was born.  A completely organic experience, every RUMBLE is different, created on the fly from the combination of Blanche's impeccable track selection and mixing and Tommy's percussion loops and live evolving soundscapes.  Live vocals, live acapella remixes, you never quite know what you're gonna get, besides some big-ass drums.