Sebris is a DJ, Producer, and multi-media artist native to the coastal city of Corpus Christi, Texas. He began his career doing online broadcasts mixing Trance and Hard Dance live through shoutcast channels before producing and performing his own works live within the underground music scene of Corpus Christi in 2010. Eventually, that expanded into local nightclubs and marquees in the city's leading venues. His first large event was Realms Con in 2011 where he will hold unofficial residence to this day. His first club residency was in 2013 at the Bourbon St. Voodoo Lounge where he and a partnering DJ, MiM-X, also utilized all assets of the club to coordinate an improvised audio-visual experience to all forms of electronic music, including the creation of Corpus Christi's first video mapped club installation which influenced local venues like SoundBar, and audio visual businesses like Skip Entertainment. He has also shared a stage with the likes of Voltaire, Hawthorne Heights, and Andrew W.K. to name a few. Today, he continues to make a lasting impression within the Corpus music scene, as well as new frontier such as San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Dallas.

Sebris's sound has its roots within the spectrums of Trance, Hard Dance, Hardstyle, and Hardcore. But overtime, he evolved to the broader spectrum of house, Drum and Bass, Psy-Trance, Breakbeats, Techno, Deep house, Downtempo, and Ambient. All focusing on a specific sound across all categories, including with his own music. Here at Ambient Camping, he is very eager to perform a DJ set comprising of deep house with etherial and tribal vibes for friday night! Then a second one of his favorite ambient and downtempo tracks at similar likeness. Expressing more mellow yet very satisfying sounds to contribute to this amazing weekend!

Sebris takes on the image of a wolf as a form of self expression. He's a very spiritual individual where the wolf holds a deep connection to his own identity. These aspects make a major impact on his musical imspiration among other things. At the same time, he participates actively within the furry community, visitin events across the United States. He also contributes to the community's music scene, including the regular performances at the convention that takes place within Reunion Tower/Hyatt Regency in Downtown Dallas, TX. With plenty of help, he crafted the head that represents him himself.