Texas Down Temple

Texas Down Temple aka Daniel Byrd is a bassist, producer and DJ that has performed across the country.  Daniel got his musical start playing tuba in Junior/Senior High marching band.   He then progressed to DJing Hip-Hop and playing in punk, death metal, and the occasional country band. 

His beginnings in downtempo started when he heard Kraftwerk’s Autobahn when he was six years old, but really took flight when he experienced his first chill room in 1992.  Daniel Switched from DJing Hip-Hop to Trip-Hop and Dub in 1996.  Daniel performed at his first Ambient Campout in the Fall of 2005 alongside DJ Rocky Rodd.  He performed his first solo Ambient Camping performance in the Fall of 2008.

He began producing his own tracks in 2000.  His first track Categorically Simple  was played by DJ Rocky Rodd at the fall Ambient Campout in 2000.  Daniel has released tracks on a few labels under a couple of different names djbigbyrd, callehs, and marzipan tiger.  Texas Down Temple will be self-releasing its first Album in Winter 2017

Daniel is also an accomplished audio engineer.  Services include recording, mixing, and/or mastering.  In 2006 he mastered “Jacinta – DESTINATION:  CLUB CUTZ”, which made it into the Top 40 in the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums.

Available now for quinceañeras, barmitzvahs, and any other psychedelic musical needs.