The Reverend Kathy Russell

The Reverend Kathy Russell, Texas’ “Queen of Drum and Bass”, is one of the most legendary and bad-ass dj's Texas has to offer. For years her hi-octane drum and bass sets have obliterated dancefloors all over America. Hailing from Austin, she got her start doing an ambient show called "Rainbow Freestyle" on KVRX 91.7 radio in 1995. Within weeks she began getting booked at chill rooms and raves, with bootleg mixtapes of the show reaching as far as New York
and London. One year later she founded to the now infamous Ambient Camping series - all night outdoor camping events where dj's and musicians play ambient and downtempo. To date this series is still going strong, with die-hard members and "lifers" coming from all over the U.S. At the same time she founded the crew MANIFEST, a collective that now includes herself, dj Flippy, OneLove,, DJ Cherubic, DJ Whatamelon, DJ Alchemy, Hilary Baker, Nicknosounds, and DJ Truffle.

In 1996 she had a life changing experience witnessing England's explosive drum and bass scene, and returned home to co-found the U.S.'s first all-female drum and bass crew, Rollers Redefined. Their weekly at the Red Room in Austin jump-started the city's drum and bass scene, and while the crew had their parting Kathy continued her solo mission preaching the gospel of bass all over the U.S. To this day Kathy has earned the reputation for being the cream of the crop when it comes to face-melting, soul-moving drum and bass assaults. Most
recently she has become a proud member of SUBstanceTX - a collective quickly becoming the premiere crew in Texas Drum and Bass. Kathy has performed under the umbrella of A-List international bass music tour brands Bassrush, Insomniac, and World of Drum and Bass, andhas performed alongside almost every top notch Drum and Bass act, such as Ed Rush and Optical, Andy C, Roni Size, DJ SS, and Noisia. As a producer, she has put out several downtempo and drum and bass releases on We Records, Silky Sensations, and RocknBass,
with more currently in the works. When you want the best, you want the Reverend Kathy Russell. And yes, she is a real Reverend.