Vortex In Bloom

Vortex in Bloom is the musical project by Angel Cross and Dominic Monistere hailing from the heart of Texas , USA .

By a stroke of fate , the two met in early 2017 . After spending a short time in the studio they quickly realized what their talents could do when utilized on the same platform .

Dom ( otherwise known as the chief medical officer of the " Omcreator " project ) has been running amuck in all facets of the music industry for 20 years - being a multi instrumentalist , record producer / engineer , songwriter , dJ , and as of late has been tapping into the neuroscience behind musical interaction with his work at www.soundpillow.com .

Angel is a classically trained vocalist , and violinist , and has been working with the Texas Pink Floyd tribute as of late - flexing her near 5 octave range daily . Her styles range from softened hymns to barreling rock n roll ... from soulful to sinful .

Together they bring about an entirely different musical energy than they seek in their own individual worlds ... a wanderlust of soundscapes and dittys ... a form true to something unknown to either of them ... a Vortex in Bloom .